I am a sound artist based in Rennes, France, focused on electronic and experimental music. My work concentrates on the topic of soundscapes, whether I am acting as a composer or a live performer. I work on immersion and the perception of textures and details, which I shape using the mediums of digital and analog synthesis.

My background is that of an independent musician with strong roots in dance music working under the artist name of Ephere. I am now exploring a more experimental approach to music and am engaged in numerous ambient music projects. I have also had the opportunity to work on soundtracks, such as for the virtual reality art piece Creative Harmony, notably presented at the international festivals Ars Electronica and LEV Matadero. 

As a sound designer and performer, I have also created immersive live performances like Terra Australis and The Fields Above The Skies, both of which offer dreamlike journeys that encourage letting go and contemplation and draw their strength from field recording and granular sound textures. I have also worked on interactive visual and sound installation projects, like the collaboration Kaïros, which questions the audience about their place in digital space by inviting them to move and use their body to create a digital painting.