Creative Harmony

Creative Harmony is the result of a collaboration between several artists, researchers, and developers. It is a virtual reality project that offers a collaborative creative space for multiple partners in a dreamlike virtual world inspired by the Romantic movement.

The experience involves the creation of a digital landscape that adapts to the gestures of the participants, who can interact and see each other in the virtual environment. The project was designed to be performed using virtual reality headsets, specifically HTC Vive Pro, and Immersia, a virtual reality research platform located at the University of Rennes 1. It is a collaborative project involving three artists (Julien Lomet, Johan Julien, and myself) as well as other technical developers. In its initial version, Creative Harmony was designed to be exhibited on both Immersia and the Deepspace 8K at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz for the festival of the same name. Since then, Creative Harmony has been featured in exhibitions, including at LEV Matadero in Spain in 2021 and at the Recto VRso exhibition in Laval, France in 2022.

I composed the soundtrack for the experience, which consists of three contemplative and ambient electronic movements that gradually invite the viewer to move, following a rhythmic progression that aligns with the evolving textures of the synthesizers. I have contributed to live Creative Harmony performances, notably within Immersia, where I performed the music live, coordinating with dancers who shaped the landscapes through their movements.