Terra Australis

Terra Australis is an ancient concept referring to a hypothetical continent located in the southern hemisphere that is said to provide geographical balance to the lands in the north. Throughout history, it has sparked a mythical imagination, leading to numerous explorations, including the discovery of the Kerguelen Islands in 1772. Merging arts and sciences, the musical performance Terra Australis is the result of a collaboration with Ella Daly, a biologist and researcher at the University of Rennes working in the Kerguelen Islands. During an expedition to the Kerguelen Islands, she conducted extensive field recordings, which became the raw material for a series of immersive sound performances.

These performances are broadcast on a quadraphonic sound system, where melodic and textured ambient music delicately complements the soundscapes of Kerguelen. Spectators are immersed in darkness, in the midst of a dreamlike musical universe, an ode to contemplation that encourages letting go and reconnecting with nature. 

Terra Australis was created in collaboration with the French Polar Institute and was included in the program of the Maintenant 2023 festival, as well as in the cultural program for 2023 at the University of Rennes 2.